I am a self-taught figurative painter. I owe my artistic growth and my infinite gratitude to my dear friend, Rodolfo Guzzoni, a painter who approached me to the mysterious world of art with passion and professionalism. My art is dedicated to portraiture, to create a still image, an emotional memory, which for me becomes a tribute to life.

I prefer acrylic colors, their matte finish and the short drying time that allows me to create my works without waiting.

My paintings can be found in private collections located in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

I live and work in Milan …


Bottega d’Arte di Ettore Maiotti – Milano, Italia

Atelier Antonio Molino – Milano, Italia

Workshop Antonio Molino – Milano, Italia

Atelier Rodolfo Guzzoni – Pavia, Italia

Atelier Rodolfo Guzzoni – Pavia, Italia


Collective exhibition “Through” from 11 to 23 December at the OnArt Gallery in Florence, via Della a Pergola 57-61

Radice / Galleria ONART – Firenze, Italia

Permanent exhibition Silvia Rossi ARTGallery – Bibbiena (Arezzo), Italy

Kunsthaus Burg Obernberg Ausstelung / Castello di Obernberg – Burg Obernberg, Austria

Donne & Padri – Un omaggio / Galleria ARTtime – Udine, Italia

XXI Salòn International ESART / Esart Galeria – Barcelona, Spagna

Affordable Art / Galleria Merlino Bottega d’Arte – Firenze, Italia

XX Salòn Internacional ESART / Esart Galeria – Barcelona, Spagna


Reconocimiento al mérito artístico- XXI Salon Internacional – Esart Galeria – Barcelona Prize awarded to the painting “Quasi immobile”.

Medal of edition – XX Salon International- Esart Galeria- Barcelona. Prize awarded to the painting “Sola”.


Art is something personal, but also something that binds the painter to the observer. It combines what is in common and what is lacking in both. I think this is what decides the attraction for an artwork …


My paintings are inspired by the multiform cosmos of human emotions: thus the melancholy of the subjects is inextricably linked to Nature and the past, finding relief and perhaps refuge from a distant world like a background noise, which no longer disturbs …

Painting, why? Because It is a deeply moving experience. Because the activity of thought is finally fixed and stopped in a tangible, completely personal form.

Cultivating one’s creativity is like entering Alice’s wonderland, where painting is following a path of upside-down images, where seeing is no longer to look but to feel.

I paint because for me it is a sort of abandonment, in which I lose track of time, have a place in my brain to look at the unfolding of a new world, never perceived before.

Portrait is the most congenial form of art to me: observe the living being in all its forms, slow down and stop to make a snapshot of the subject, trying to traslate his language on canvas …


Portraits in acrylic painting technique, on canvas and wooden tables.

I work on commission…


From Saturday 11 September 2021 to Sunday 16 January 2022 the city of Portobuffolè (Treviso), sung by Dante in Canto XVI of Purgatorio in the characters of Gherardo da Camino and his daughter Gaia, hosts an unusual contemporary art exhibition at the Casa Gaia Museum. The exhibition pays homage to Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece in the year of the seventh centenary poet’s death and is part of the illustrated Divine Comedy project of Chartesia Edizioni. Three of my paintings are present inside: Inferno: Canto XVIII The desperation of Taide; Purgatory: Canto XXVII Lia and the garland; Paradise: Canto VII The temptation This project includes 100 paintings never exhibited to the public and specially made for the occasion by 36 contemporary italian artists …

September 2021 release of the novel “Chi ha ucciso Sara?” by Andrej Longo, Sellerio editions with the painting L’incertezza on the cover.

October 2021 release of the novel “Romanzo civile” by Giuliana Saladino, Sellerio editions with the painting Giuliana on the cover.